Mean surface water temperaturea 8.9 oC 48.0 oF
Min. surface water temperaturea 0.05 oC 32.1 oF
Max. surface water temperaturea 22.8 oC 73.0 oF
Rainfallb 51 km3/yr  
Evaporationb 40 km3/yr  
River Inflowb 165 km3/yr  
River Outflowb 170 km3/yr  
aData summarized from GLSEA Surface Water Temperature (1995-2010)
bBootsma, H. A. and R. E. Hecky 2003. A comparative introduction to the biology and limnology of the African Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29: 3-18.[pdf]


Daily surface temperature from 1995 - 2010


Water Level
Evaporation Change in Storage

Data from NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory


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