List of metrics trends by ecosystem. Values represent the trend as ↑ increasing, ↓ decreasing, ↔ no trend. Values designated as "n" do not apply to the ecosystem and "?" represent unknown trends. 

Excerpt from: Dobiesz N.E., Hecky R.E., Johnson T.B., Sarvala J., Dettmers J.M., Lehtiniemi M., Rudstam L., Madenjian C.P., Witte F.  2010.  Metrics of Ecosystem Status for Large Aquatic Systems - A Global Comparison. Journal of Great Lakes Research 36:1.  [PDF]

Category Baltic Baltic Victoria Victoria
North Proper Baikal Erie Huron Michigan Ontario Superior 0-6m 6-20m Tanganyika Malawi
Trophic Structure
Food chain length
Loss of functional groups
Within functional group diversity
Non-indigenous species Invasion
Exploited Species
Fisheries Intrinsic stability ?
Size range
Mean age at harvest ?
Age at maturity ?
Trophic structure of catch
Stocking n n n n n
Habitat Alterations
Nutrient trends-phosphorus
Nutrient trends-nitrogen
Nutrient trends-dissolved silica
Chlorophyll range
Chlorophyll mean
Cyanobacteria blooms
Harmful algal species
Oxygen demand
Fish diseases
Habitat Loss
Catchment Changes
Population pressure
Economic activity