Metric name Description of metric
Trophic structure of catch
Food chain length Number of trophic steps from primary production to top piscivore
Loss of functional groups List of functional groups lost over time
Within functional group diversity (at present) For each historical functional group, list species with nominally redundant functions OR number of redundant species in each functional group
Non-indigenous species invasion Rate of establishment of exotic species or new species over time (per decade for last century)
Exploited species
Fisheries Intrinsic stability / variability Interannual variability in catches of exploited species (by species)
Size range Size range and mean size for exploited or surveyed species
Mean age at harvest Mean age of catch (exploited species only)
Age at maturity Age at maturity (exploited species only)
Trophic structure of catch Catch by trophic level and change over time
Stocking List of species stocked, numbers of each stocked, and trophic level
Habitat alterations
Nutrient trends/P Annual mean concentrations of TP
Nutrient trends/N Annual mean concentrations of TN
Nutrient trends/Si Annual mean concentrations of dissolved silica
Chlorophyll range (phytoplankton) Range (max to min) of phytoplankton abundance in growing season
Chlorophyll mean (phytoplankton) Mean concentration for phytoplankton growing season for TN, TP and Si
Cyanobacterial blooms Present/absent and when change occurred; list annual trend data if available
Harmful algal species Present/absent and when change occurred; list annual trend data if available
Transparency Measures of visibility including secchi depth, light extinction, turbidity
Oxygen demand Hypolimnetic oxygen demand (or sediment oxygend demand)
Contaminants of concern List of contaminants in species of concern for human and ecosystem health
Fish diseases of concern List of fish diseases of concern by species
Habitat Loss Change in habitat availability (for exploited species or species of interest)
Catchment (watershed) Change
Population pressure Human population in watershed as density in land catchment and as density per lake area
Urbanization Population trend in cities within watershed
Economic Activity Gross domestic product of catchment populations

Excerpt from: Dobiesz N.E., Hecky R.E., Johnson T.B., Sarvala J., Dettmers J.M., Lehtiniemi M., Rudstam L., Madenjian C.P., Witte F.  2010.  Metrics of Ecosystem Status for Large Aquatic Systems - A Global Comparison. Journal of Great Lakes Research 36:1.  [PDF]